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The Smana Group of Hotels – Hospitality with a difference

The Smana Group of Hotels currently operates two hotels located in Dubai, U.A.E. (Smana
Hotel Al Raffa and Smana Hotel Al Riqa) and will soon add more properties under their umbrella.

The Smana Group of hotels is engaged in the right blend of Hotel service, luxury and quiet efficiency. These hotels combine state of the art facilities with dependable service in a caring environment, presenting the ideal choice for business and leisure travelers. A distinctive feature of The Group's hotels is their highly motivated and well trained staff that provides exceptionally attentive, personalized and warm service.

The Group's mission is to go global with a vision is to guarantee excellence and personalized service for the satisfaction of our valued guests to become the most active and responsible organization in the hospitality industry.

The Smana Group of Hotels is offering wonderful packages to the business, corporate and leisure markets. This positioning is comprehensively supported by the standard and appointment of the rooms, which is exceptional within the category, and by facilities that are certain to exceed all expectations.

We welcome you to experience good hospitality with us at Smana Group of Hotels.